8 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Kids Clothes in the UK - SaleDates (2024)

8 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Kids Clothes in the UK - SaleDates (1)

Finding affordable yet stylish and good quality clothes for kids can be a challenge for parents in the UK. Children grow so fast that they constantly need new clothes, but kids can also be hard on their clothes with stains, tears and wear-and-tear from play. As a parent, you want clothes that are cute but also durable and reasonably priced since they will likely only fit for one season.

Luckily, there are many great options to shop for kids clothes in the UK, from trusted high street retailers to online stores. This listicle highlights the top 8 best places for parents to shop for affordable kids clothes that are stylish, good quality and budget-friendly.

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1. Primark

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Primark is a top destination for no-frills, bargain prices on kids clothes in the UK. As one of the cheapest stores on the high street, Primark offers trendy clothes for babies, boys, girls and teens.

The range of kids clothes includes basics like t-shirts, jeans, underwear and pyjamas to dressier tops, dresses, trousers, shorts and swimwear. You'll also find outerwear like jackets and coats plus shoes, accessories and school uniforms. Most items are priced under £10, with many under £5, so you can stock up on an entire wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Primark kids clothes emphasize current fashion trends in fun prints and patterns that kids love. The quality is decent for the ultra low prices, so the clothes likely won't last for years but are fine for a season or two. Primark offers fantastic savings on stylish clothes for growing kids.

2. George at Asda

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George at Asda is another top spot for affordable fashion finds for children. This brand offers a wide selection of kids clothes with lots of updated styles.

You'll find all the essentials like t-shirts, tops, jeans, leggings, underwear and pyjamas. George also has a varied range of dresses, skirts, shorts, trousers, swimwear, outerwear and accessories. There is a broad range of options to fit different sizes, styles and budgets.

George kids clothes emphasize bright colours, fun character prints, sequins and glitter details. Prices are low, with many pieces under £10 and options under £5. The quality is decent, especially considering the bargain prices. George at Asda is ideal for trendy clothes on a budget.

3. Next

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Next is one of the most popular high street retailers for children's clothing in the UK. This trusted brand offers stylish clothes with good quality at reasonable prices.

Next has an extensive range of kids clothes from classic essentials like t-shirts, tops, jeans, underwear and pyjamas to more fashionable items like dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, shorts and accessories. You'll also find coats, jackets, shoes, swimwear, school uniforms and more.

While not the absolute cheapest, Next kids clothes offer excellent value at moderate prices. The quality is better than cheaper discount stores, so the pieces will last longer. Next is a go-to for timeless style and reliable quality kids clothes.

4. Matalan

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Matalan is a discount retailer providing affordable kids clothes across the UK. This budget-friendly store offers low prices on a variety of clothes for babies, boys, girls and teens.

You can shop kids clothes essentials like t-shirts, tops, jeans, underwear, pyjamas, leggings and joggers. Matalan also sells dresses, shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, outerwear, shoes, accessories and school uniforms.

Most kids clothes at Matalan cost under £10, with many pieces priced under £5. The quality is decent though the clothes likely won't last as long as more expensive brands. Matalan is ideal for stocking up on kids clothes without overspending.

5. Sainsbury's Tu Clothing

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Sainsbury's Tu Clothing brand offers a wide range of kids clothes at wallet-friendly prices. As the clothing line of the popular UK supermarket, Tu lets you pick up stylish kids clothes along with your groceries.

Tu sells all the kids clothing basics like t-shirts, tops, underwear, pyjamas, jeans, trousers, leggings, dresses, shorts and more. You'll also find outerwear, swimwear, shoes, accessories and school uniforms.

The Tu kids clothes emphasize bright colours, prints and patterns that appeal to children. The quality is fairly good for the low prices. Tu is convenient for buying kids clothes when you shop at Sainsbury's.

6. H&M

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H&M is another reliable high street option for affordable and trendy kids clothes. This popular retailer offers the latest fashions for babies, boys, girls and teens.

H&M sells all the kids clothing essentials like t-shirts, tops, jeans, underwear, pyjamas, leggings, shorts and accessories. You'll also find a wide selection of dresses, trousers, skirts, outerwear, swimwear, shoes and more.

The clothes emphasize bright colours and fun prints with styles that follow current fashion trends. H&M kids clothes are priced low, often under £10 and frequently under £5 for basic pieces. The quality meets expectations for fast fashion prices. H&M is great for stylish clothes on a budget.

7. Tesco F&F

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F&F is the clothing line available at Tesco supermarkets, offering affordable essentials for the whole family. This is a convenient option for picking up low-priced kids clothes during your regular Tesco grocery shop.

The F&F kids range includes all the basics like t-shirts, tops, underwear, pyjamas, jeans, leggings, shorts and accessories. You'll also find dresses, skirts, trousers, outerwear, swimwear, shoes and school uniforms.

The clothes emphasize bright, colourful prints that appeal to kids. F&F prices are very low, with many pieces under £5. The quality meets expectations for the bargain prices. F&F is ideal for cheap kids clothes when shopping at Tesco.

8. Katie's Kids Clothes

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Katie's Kids Clothes is an online shop selling high quality, pre-loved children's clothes at low prices. They offer clothes for babies, boys and girls from newborn up to age 13.

You can buy individual items starting at just a few pounds. Katie's Kids Clothes also offers affordable bundles of clothes curated by size so you can get everything you need in one parcel.

As a family-run small business, Katie's Kids Clothes is focused on rehoming good quality used kids clothes across the UK in an affordable and sustainable way. Their prices are very budget-friendly, with most items under £10.

Buying and selling secondhand is an eco-conscious choice that gives clothes a new lease on life. Katie's Kids Clothes offers great value for money while promoting reuse and keeping textiles out of landfills.

8 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Kids Clothes in the UK - SaleDates (2024)


Which brand is best for kids clothing? ›

Giny & Jony is known for their playful yet trendy designs. Gini & Jony continues to be a go-to brand for kids' fashion. It has over 200 brand outlets. The best part about their collection is they have a variety of clothing ranges for kids at a reasonable price.

Is there a market for kids clothing? ›

In 2024, the revenue in the Children's Apparel market worldwide is estimated to be US$279.40bn. This market is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 2.56% from 2024 to 2028 (CAGR 2024-2028).

Is Depop good for selling kids clothes? ›

Depop: Best for selling individual clothing items

The audience on Depop is the youngest, with the average user under 25 years old. However, this doesn't mean parents don't use this platform, as the children's clothing category has around 239,000 items.

How to sell baby clothes UK? ›

  1. Car Boot Sales info – carbootcalendar.com.
  2. eBay – ebay.co.uk.
  3. NCT Nearly New Sales – 0870 444 8707 or nct.org.uk.
  4. Oxfam – 0845 3000 311 or oxfam.org.uk.
  5. Roundabout (second-hand and designer children's wear) – 01225 316696 or roundaboutbath.co.uk.
  6. Salvation Army – 2.salvationarmy.org.uk.

What clothes are trendy for kids? ›

We'll see more bright neon hues, geometric prints, and unconventional color combinations in 2023 and beyond. Sparkly sneakers will also still be in style for kids who'd want to make a striking fashion statement.

What is the biggest kid brand? ›

Target says its in-house children's apparel brand Cat & Jack is the largest kids brand in the US. The retailer said it sells enough for every kid under 12 in the US to have eight items. Like all of Target's owned brands, Cat & Jack has a 1-year return policy, which parents love.

What is the average cost of clothing for a child? ›

According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture, families might spend up to $1,280 annually on clothing, especially if you have tweens or teens. That's approximately 6% of the total costs to raise a child.

What is the average cost of children's clothes? ›

Baby clothes are the most common gift that new parents receive, but the average cost of clothes is around $50 a month for the first year. Using hand-me-downs or shopping at second-hand clothing stores can help you save in this area. Estimated monthly amount: $1,100.

What age group buys more clothes? ›

The 45-54 age group spent the most on women's and girls' clothing in 2021, averaging $995. This age group is more likely to spend more money on clothing than other age groups.

What is better Vinted or Depop? ›

As someone who spends countless hours on Vinted, I have found myself many items of great quality for a lower price. But if, unlike me, you aren't obsessed with a bargain and actually have a life to attend to, Depop may be a better option when looking for better quality items.

What age group is Vinted for? ›

WHO CAN USE OUR WEBSITE? You may not use the site when you are considered a professional seller. Only registered users (or Pro Users, if Vinted Pro is available in your country) who are at least 18 years old can list items and enter into transactions on the site.

Is Depop safe for kids? ›

Depop does not allow any content or behaviour that puts our community at risk. This includes activity which may be harmful toward minors and/or is not appropriate for our younger users. For example, we do not allow adult content, nudity, weapons, alcohol or tobacco to be listed on Depop.

What is the best site to sell clothes on UK? ›

These are the best places to sell clothes online:
  • Vinted. Best for – Everything, but upmarket high street brands (think Zara, Mango and even H&M) often do well. ...
  • Depop. Best for – Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Preloved. ...
  • Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • ASOS Marketplace.
Mar 21, 2024

Do you pay VAT on children's clothes UK? ›

VAT is not charged on clothing for children as children's clothes are zero rated. However, to qualify for zero rating a garment must meet four conditions: It must be an article of clothing or footwear. It must be designed for young children.

What can I do with old children's clothes UK? ›

Charity shops

This way the clothes are kept out of a landfill and can provide a real bargain for someone else's child. As young children grow out of their clothing so quickly, charity shops are the ideal place to pick up clothing on the cheap with the added benefit of supporting local charities at the same time.

Is Carter's a good brand for kids? ›

Carter's is the leading brand of baby & kids clothing in the United States. Our designs are based on a heritage of quality and innovation that has earned us the trust of generations.

What clothes should children wear? ›

The following are some indicators to judge whether the quality of children's clothing is good: Materials: Good materials for children's clothing should be comfortable, soft, breathable and elastic. Common high-quality materials include pure cotton, linen, silk, wool and natural fibers.

What is the most popular clothing brand for girls? ›

Girls often gravitate towards popular clothing brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. Styles can vary widely, but trends like athleisure, boho-chic, and vintage-inspired looks are commonly embraced.


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