Camila Alves' Favorite Easter Recipes, Decorating Ideas, Tips (2024)

Camila Alves' Favorite Easter Recipes, Decorating Ideas, Tips (1)

Our lifestyle blogger Camila Alves shares her fun, simple Easter decorating ideas and kid-friendly recipes to brighten up your home for the holiday. For more from Camila, follow her on Twitter at @iamcamilaalves, Facebook at iamcamilaalves and Instagram at iamcamilaalves!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays with the kids. They get to run loose, and we always have our family and loved ones all around us!

I love to decorate the house and make a beautiful table since at one point of the day we will all sit around and celebrate this special date.

This is one of those holidays where we plan everything around the kids and I get to participate in the activities with them! I even get in on the action with the egg hunting chase …

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Here are a few ideas I have tried and know are easy to do for this time of the year. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or on my Instagram page @iamcamilaalves.

And please share your versions of these items — It makes me very happy to see them! Plus, I get more inspirations from you for next year!

Kisses, Camila

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Not sure why I am into the blues for this Easter.

On this table, I used different colored beverage bottles that I found at a craft store and decorated them with flower stickers. In the above picture, I added ribbons. They make great candle holders and give your table height.

A fun way to doozie-up your napkins is to fold them into bunny shapes. You can search online for tutorial videos. A great way to add dimension and height to your table is to use your cake stand as a setup for your flower arrangements. On this setup I used a larger cake stand on the bottom and a smaller one on top.

I covered both levels with small mason jars filled with flowers.

For this setup, I bought blue candles, napkins and place mats from Target. The nests are from a craft store. I used raffia to tie the napkins, then added baby blue flowers to the nests — your table is set.

A great way to make your table setting more special is to add a little fresh flowers tucked under your napkin bow.

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Make a store-bought cake look fancy and homemade with no trouble. I got my inspiration from The Cake Blog (thank you).

When you don’t have time to make a cake from scratch, you can run to the store and purchase a store-bought cake.

You will need:
White frosting
Blue food coloring
Vanilla extract
Cocoa powder

You have two options: you can purchase a plain cake without frosting, or, if your cake has frosting and designs, leave the frosting and remove any designs so you have a flat cake surface and place in the freezer until the frosting begin to harden. Then all you have to do is make the white frosting that you purchased into the desired blue tone by adding the blue food coloring SLOWLY. Cover the cake with the new frosting. If you have an offset spatula, it works great. To help smooth the frosting, run the spatula under warm water and then pat dry.

Add decorations to the top of your frosted cake.

In a small cup, mix 1 ½ tsp. of vanilla extract with 1 tbsp. cocoa powder. Using any little brush — like a kid’s painting brush or a makeup brush — dip the brush into the cocoa mixture and flick the brush bristles towards the cake until you achieve the marble effect.

Now, I am warning you, this will get messy! But it is well worth it.

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When I’m entertaining outside and kids are involved, I like to use paper napkins. To make them a little more fancy and festive, in this case I use colored ribbons and different colored flowers that I tuck under the bows. To make sure they don’t fly away, put the fork on one corner of the napkin.

Camila Alves' Favorite Easter Recipes, Decorating Ideas, Tips (5)


Here, I used glass bowls filled with water and added rubber duckies inside and little flower arrangements with bunny Peeps.

For the Peep flower arrangement, I used one larger glass vase with a smaller glass vase inside. I lined the Peeps between the two vases, and filled the inside vase with water and fresh cut flowers.

I used artificial grass and white candy melts to make the road.

For the race cars, I used Twinkies, with Oreos for the wheels, and added little flags on the back that had the names of the kids. On the next group, I will show you an even easier version for the Twinkie race cars.

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This is another version of the edible race car above. On the Twinkie, you cut a hole large enough for a bunny Peep. Place the bunny Peep inside, gently pressing. Cut regular size marshmallows in half, each half will be one wheel.

Press the pretzel upside-down into the Twinkie and you’re ready to go.

I also found this cute little flag post at a craft store and the greens are edible grass I found at Walgreens.

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This can be a wreath, a centerpiece or a decoration for the outside of the house on Easter day!

You will need:
Styrofoam circle
Pink Peeps
Yellow Peeps
Blue Peeps
One box of toothpicks

All you need to do is break your toothpicks in half, place them in the Styrofoam circle and press the Peeps into the half toothpicks. When you get to the yellow and blue Peeps toward the center, you most likely will need to use the whole toothpick to create height.

You can use this many different ways. Here I used a wooden spoon and gently pushed the handle of the spoon into the Styrofoam circle. I placed the wooden spoon into a basket I filled with sand.

The handle of the basket helped to give support to the back of the “wreath.”

On Easter…you can even decorate your yard for the egg hunting!

Tip: If you’re going to plan on eating this decoration, make it the day of your party.

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This is a fun way to display your fruits at your Easter party!

The easiest way to do this: with a smaller sharp knife, trace the design of the bunny on the top of your watermelon. Then cut it with a larger knife, starting at the back of the watermelon. Use toothpicks in the place of the eyes. Stick large blueberries on them.

Using the watermelon that you removed, cut three long thin strips off the rind to create the “whiskers.” Place a toothpick vertically in the middle of the three whiskers and then insert a toothpick perpendicularly between the whiskers and into the watermelon, leaving a bit of the toothpick showing. Cut a round piece of the watermelon you removed and top the raw edge of the toothpick to create the “nose.”

Make sure to remove enough watermelon from the inside so you will create a fruit basket.

Fill with fruit of your choice; for this one I added berries.

Tip: A great way to use the watermelon you removed is to make fresh watermelon mint juice.

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It’s a fun little twist on cookies and milk, perfect on Easter morning with your kids or for a dessert after your brunch.

You can use your favorite cookie recipe or purchase the sheets of cookie dough at the supermarket in the dairy case. Roll your dough and trace the ear outline with a sharp knife then cut a slit in the bottom where the ears will attach to the glass. Please make sure to leave enough width in the slit and that the slit is long enough to fit on the rim of the glass so the cookie won’t break.

On an empty glass, try to make your best impression of a bunny with a Sharpie.

Then fill glass with milk, attach your cookies to the rim and you’re good to go.

Tip: If you have trouble with the cookies standing up, attach a regular size marshmallow behind the cookie and that will do the job.

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Have your kids plant jelly beans and watch what happens the morning after!

Fun thing to do with the kids, have them plant jelly beans the night before Easter before they go to bed and in the morning, they wake up to lollipops where the jelly beans were seeds.

Grown ups: Your job here will be before the kids wake up, you will need to remove the jelly beans and replace lollipops where the jelly beans were planted. Stick the lollipops in the ground like flowers.

It is such a simple thing to do, but the kids absolutely love it!

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Camila Alves' Favorite Easter Recipes, Decorating Ideas, Tips (2024)


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