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Welcome to the colorful world of KIDY!

We offer quality products for the whole family. These wonderful things will be the perfect gift for both mom and baby.

KIDY is about doing better. For you. For the environment.
KIDY is always natural. Organic cotton. Bamboo. Merino wool. Natural rubber. Wood. Corn starch.
KIDY is always safe. OEKO-Tex, GOTS, Woolmark, Nordic Ecolabel, FSC certified.
KIDY is always good only. Softness and tenderness. Convenience and comfort.

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☀️ Best material for hot weather:Muslin
❄️ Best material for cold weather:Merino wool
💎 Best material for newborns:Organic cotton
🎁 Best gift for newborn:KIDY BabyBox
✨ Best baby products:See here
Premature (38, 44 cm) (38, 44 cm)
Newborns (50, 56, 62 сm)
Babies (68, 74, 80 cm)
Girls (86 - 122 cm)
Boys (86 - 122 cm)
Goods (for moms and babies)

European baby clothes up to 6 year old: online shop offers you fashionable models, from luxury to just cute and upscale, as well as excellent shopping conditions! Buying newborn and baby clothes in the online store – is the right decision!

Since 1991. Stylish clothes for newborns and babies up to 4 years old. Designer prints, fashion trends, the highest quality. Made in Poland.

Since 1994. High-quality clothes for newborns and babies up to 1 year old. Organic cotton, bamboo, merino wool. Made in Lithuania.

The best knitted blankets for babies. Organic cotton clothes for newborns. Made in Poland.

Designer products intended for the development of motor skills of small babies and for their correct and harmonious development. Made in Poland and Spain.

Author's collections of bedding and accessories for strollers and car seats. Designer prints, highest quality. Made in Poland.

Since 2006. Design company from Sweden. Fashionable and functional winter stroller footmuffs, 2 in 1 snowsuits, hats, pacifiers, toys.

Since 1990. Design company from Belgium. Beautiful, practical and multi-functional things for the convenience of baby and mother. Cocoons, positioners, pillows.

Since 1916. Danish company that produces merino wool thermal underwear and organic cotton underwear.

European baby clothes up to 1 year old and from 6 months to 6 years old. Clothes for newborns from 0 to 3 months old. Shop now!

Does a newborn need clothes?

Previously, only swaddles and easy-shirts were used for newborns, but now the first clothes are put on the baby already in the maternity home. Therefore, it's up to you. Some moms still use the old swaddling technique, because many newborns sleep more comfortably when their movements are restricted. Others, on the contrary, give complete freedom to the legs and arms, putting bodysuits, pants or sleepsuits on babies from the very first days. Our cute baby clothes are suitable for both.

How to determine the size of clothes for a newborn baby?

Nowadays, baby clothes online shopping is gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, the question of how to determine the size of newborn clothes is becoming more and more relevant. European clothing sizes used on our website correspond to the baby's height and come in 6 cm increments starting from size 38, i.e. 38, 44, 50, 56, 62, 68, 74 ... In other words, if your baby's height, for example, 52 cm, then you need the nearest 56 clothing size.

How to choose the size of clothes for newborns?

The smallest size - 38, is designed for premature babies up to 38 cm tall. Next comes size 44, which is also intended for premature babies. Size 50 is intended for small newborns up to 50 cm. If the newborn is not big, then they need to buy 56 size clothes to the maternity home, which is suitable for up to 1 month. Size 62 is for up to 3 months, 68 - up to 6 months, 74 - up to 9 months, 80 - up to a year. Etc. Size 122 is the maximal in our baby clothes online shop and designed for the age of up to 7 years.

Where to buy clothes for newborns?

Of course, in our online shop of newborn and baby clothes from Europe. KIDY is best from online baby stores. Our baby clothes contain the whole range from 38 (for premature babies) and up to 122 (7 years). And, of course, everything is safe, high quality, cute and stylish.

How to choose newborn baby clothes?

All the clothes for babies and kids up to 7 years old, that you can find on our website, are of high quality and made by European manufacturers. We have a lot of European baby clothing brands. And we definitely have the best baby clothes online! Therefore, all you need is to choose the model you like and the size you need.

Does a newborn need clothes in a maternity hospital?

Your doctor should answer this question, as each maternity hospital has its own rules.

How to choose newborn clothes for a maternity hospital?

If you are going to have your first baby, it is better to choose those clothes that can be easily put on and off. Also changing of a diaper should not be a problem in these clothes. We offer you kimono style bodysuits or sleepsuits with a front fastener (so you don't have to put it over your baby's head).

How often to change clothes of a baby at home?

Of course, clothes of a newborn as well as of an older child should be changed as soon as it gets dirty. But up to 6 months, this should be done at least once a day. And clothes of a baby up to 1 year old should be changed at least once every 2 days. Therefore, make sure that you have enough clothes, because having a newborn you may not have time to do the daily wash. And our baby goods will always help you.

Is it necessary to wash new baby clothes?

New baby clothes definitely must be washed. Before the ordered clothes reach you, it has a long way. The clothes are passed from hand to hand and stored in warehouses. And even with the most careful production and storage, there is a possibility that microbes can get on the clothes. It is also recommended to iron newborn clothes after washing.

How to wash newborn clothes?

You need to use special detergents without chlorine and phosphates for washing clothes for the little ones. You can buy such products on our website. They are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Wash is best hand or in delicate mode. Mom's clothes should also be washed using the same detergents.

What newborn clothes to buy in summer?

Newborn clothes in summer are bloomers, short-sleeved bodysuits, rompers and, of course, hats. And don't forget about soft and lightweight muslin swaddles. They are useful both as a thin evening blanket and as a protection from the sun and insects. You can buy all summer baby clothes online in our shop.

What newborn baby clothes to buy in autumn and spring?

Newborn baby clothes in autumn and spring are about the same. These are warm overalls and blankets. Clothes made of thin merino wool are also suitable. It will not let your baby freeze and, at the same time, overheat.

What baby clothes to buy in winter?

Baby clothes for winter are snowsuits and footmuffs. But don't buy both items at once! You need to choose just one of them. As a bottom layer, you need warm cotton or merino wool clothes, as well as a warm blanket. You can buy all winter baby clothes online in our shop.

Cute European Newborn and Baby Clothes ❤️ Online Shop KIDY (2024)


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