How To Create The Ultimate Corner Desk Setup For WFH (2024)

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A corner desk set-up is an efficient way to structure a home office because it creates a productive workspace while taking up as little room as possible.

Corner desk setups can be as flashy, tidy, creative, or minimalist as you’d like. However, you must consider ergonomic principles to maximise comfort while working long hours.

Today, I’ll provide my best ideas for corner desk setups and tips to help make your workspace as comfortable, ergonomic and Instagram-worthy as possible.

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Is A Corner Desk Setup Better Than A Straight Desk Setup?

How To Create The Ultimate Corner Desk Setup For WFH (1)

Shown above: Corner standing desks don’t have to be placed into corners. Here, a Desky corner standing desk segments an area and designates a walkway.

Corner desks offer unique advantages. While straight desks are best for regular offices, where the desk is the main focus of a room, corner desks allow for more variety and flexibility.

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1. Better Use Of Dead Space.

A corner of a room will usually gather dust or clutter, but you can put this underutilised area to good use with a corner desk.

2. More Storage Space.

Corner desks typically have more space under the desk than straight desks, which you can use to store any peripheries you need for work, including:

  • Filing cabinets.
  • Scanners or printers.
  • Computer towers.
  • Under-the-desk exercise equipment (e.g., treadmills).


This depends on the corner desk type, as triangular corner desks have much less room underneath than L-shaped desks.

3. Gear Within Easy Reach.

Corner desks offer significantly larger desktops, so you can have more equipment within reach.

This creates an ergonomically superior environment, especially if you’re a gearhead with multiple bulky peripherals such as:

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4. Flexibility Of A Multipurpose Space.

A desk doesn’t necessarily have to be used exclusively for work. There are many ways to use a corner desk set-up besides just working on a computer, such as:

  • Space for gaming and watching movies.
  • Area for reading and relaxing.
  • Surface for writing or journaling.

Are Corner Desks More Ergonomic Than Straight Desks?

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Shown above: Gamers love corner standing desks. Here, a Desky standing desk is used as a base for a flashy dual-monitor setup that can be used as a workstation during the day and a gamer’s den in the evening.

Both desk types can be used to build equally ergonomic setups, as long as you follow foundational principles. Neither type of setup is inherently ergonomic.

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When setting up your desk, adjust heights until:

  • Monitor is at eye level or slightly below.
  • Ears, shoulders and hips are aligned in the vertical plane.
  • Wrists are straight and slightly lower than your elbows.
  • Hips are parallel to the floor when you’re sitting.
  • Feet are flat on the floor.

Expert Tip.

Create the ultimate corner desk setup with a corner standing desk from UpDown Desk. It will allow you to transition between standing up and sitting down throughout your workday for maximum comfort and productivity.

What Types Of Corner Desks Are Best?

There are two types of corner desks. Each has unique pros and cons.

1. Triangular Corner Desk.

Triangular desks are the less common of the two. As their name suggests, these desks are triangular and fit snugly into the corner of a room.

Their desktops are made from a single piece of material (usually wood, melamine or particle board).

If you don’t need much desk space or storage (or you have a small office), a triangular corner desk is your best bet.

Triangular corner desks are also more budget-friendly, due to their less complicated design.

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2. L-Shaped Desk.

An L-shaped corner desk is made of two rectangular pieces shaped like an L. It provides much more desktop space and under-desk storage space than triangular desks.

L-shaped desks are the better option if you require ample desktop space or two separate work areas.

3 Factors To Consider When Creating Your Corner Workspace.

A corner workspace should be minimalistic, uncluttered, yet personalised.

The best corner setups are optimised for workflow, where you can quickly move from one task to the next while keeping your desk organised and tidy.

The colours, personal decor, build quality, layout, and even plants on or around your desk can all affect your mood, and a messy work area can make you less productive.

Follow my tips below to create a corner workspace that hits all the right notes.

1. Make It Personal But Not Cluttered.

Keep a maximum of 2-3 personal decor items on your desk, such as:

  • Pictures.
  • Drawings.
  • Keepsakes.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Plants.

This will ensure there are fewer potential distractions and leave more space on your desk for work-related items.


Ban all clocks from your office walls. No matter how much you enjoy your job, a clock will tempt you to check it to see how long you have left in the day.

Keep clocks far away from your work area. Set timers on your phone or computer instead to let you know when it’s time to take a break or stop for the day.

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2. Use The Left-To-Right Workflow.

The left-to-right method is one strategy to optimise your desk setup for workflow. Keep the right side of the desk clear, and put incoming papers or projects on the left side.

As you complete these projects or papers, move them to the right side of your desk.

This is easy with corner desks, as one side is often larger than the other, allowing you to spread things out as you work on them.

You’ll be able to quickly determine what needs to be tackled and what you’ve already done.

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3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

Organise supplies you frequently use on your desk. Supplies you use less often should be kept in drawers or on shelves.

The more clutter you have on and around your desk setup, the more opportunities there are for distraction.

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How To Select The Best Office Chair For Your Corner Setup.

The second most important piece of furniture in your corner office setup is your office chair.

Uncomfortable office chairs can turn work hours into torture sessions where you regularly gaze at the clock, waiting to leave.

Naturally, this isn’t conducive to a productive work environment. That’s why it’s important to pick an office chair that sits you in the proper working posture.

I’ve written a number of guides to help you choose the right office chair:

  • How To Choose An Office Chair
  • Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In Australia

Bottom Line On Creating The Perfect Corner Desk Set-Up.

Assembling the perfect corner desk setup in your office can be a very creative, fulfilling process in itself.

Start by choosing the right corner desk (preferably a standing L-shaped desk) and build your workspace around it using sound ergonomic principles.


When it comes to corner desk setups and ergonomic office configurations, I've delved deeply into the subject. I've spent years exploring various desk designs, ergonomic principles, and workspace optimizations, all backed by research and practical application.

Let's break down the key concepts covered in the article about corner desk setups and related topics:

Corner Desk Setups:

  • Efficiency & Space Utilization: Corner desks maximize room space while providing a productive work area.
  • Ergonomic Considerations: Focus on comfort during long work hours, emphasizing proper posture and alignment.

Advantages of Corner Desks:

  1. Dead Space Utilization: Convert underutilized corners into functional work areas.
  2. Storage: They offer more storage space compared to straight desks, depending on their type (L-shaped or triangular).
  3. Accessibility: Larger desktops allow easy reach for various equipment, catering to gear-heavy tasks.
  4. Versatility: Corner desks aren't solely for work; they accommodate diverse activities like gaming, leisure, or writing.

Ergonomics of Corner vs. Straight Desks:

  • Both can be ergonomic if set up following fundamental principles: monitor height, alignment of ears, shoulders, and hips, wrist positioning, and feet flat on the floor.

Types of Corner Desks:

  1. Triangular Corner Desk: Fits snugly into corners, suitable for smaller spaces or minimal storage needs.
  2. L-Shaped Desk: Offers more desktop and storage space, ideal for extensive work setups or multiple tasks.

Elements of a Productive Corner Workspace:

  • Minimalistic & Personalized: Keep the workspace personalized but uncluttered, limiting personal decor items.
  • Workflow Optimization: Arrange the desk to facilitate left-to-right workflow, keeping one side clear for incoming tasks and the other for completed work.
  • Organization: Store frequently used supplies on the desk while keeping less-used items in drawers or shelves to minimize distractions.

Office Chair Selection:

  • The significance of choosing an ergonomic office chair for maintaining proper posture and comfort during work hours.

Bottom Line:

Creating the perfect corner desk setup involves selecting the right desk (preferably a standing L-shaped desk) and structuring the workspace around ergonomic principles for comfort and productivity.

Each aspect contributes to a holistic understanding of optimizing workspace, blending functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomic considerations for an ideal corner office setup.

How To Create The Ultimate Corner Desk Setup For WFH (2024)


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