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Yes! I made Nachos. And they’re Paleo. Well Paleo-ish. But they are dang good, and they’re perfect for Mexican night.
Paleo Nachos Recipe - Dr. Monica Bravo (1)Mexican food is just great. When I discovered queso I was asophom*ore in high school, and I remember wanting to go to the Caretta’s in Covington just to get queso and a grilled chicken breast. See as a picky eater, when I discovered new foods that I liked, I kinda went overboard with them. I discovered I liked queso. Ate a ton of queso. I discovered I liked Chimichangas. Ate a lot of Chimichangas. I discovered I liked caesar salad sandwiches. Ate a TON of caesar salad sandwiches. Would it have been better if I didn’t discover these not so healthy foods? No way. I needed to branch out. And I’m glad I did. I still go through periods of trying all new things, and it helps inspire new dishes that I can make for YOU!

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So back to the Nachos. If I never tried Plantain chips, I wouldn’t have known Paleo nachos were possible. A few weeks ago, I made a homemade salsa, which was divine, and I used plantain chips. Then I got ambitious and failed terribly at making a veganqueso dip, soI said let’s make a Paleo Nachos Recipe.

Here’s the basics. Buy or make Plantain Chips. Shred some hard cheddar Goat Cheese, top with a Mexican style ground beef, and add an avocado or a side of guacamole (full recipe below). You’ve got Paleo Nachos. Some people tolerate regular cheese well. Some people, like me, don’t. So I eat Goat Cheese, which works A-OK.

Have you made a Paleo Nachos Recipe before? Share below in the comments!

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Paleo Nachos Recipe

2015-03-07 11:22:31

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Serves 3

the perfect appetizer for Mexican night


  1. 2 cups plantain chips
  2. 1 lb grass fed ground beef
  3. 1 teaspoon sea salt
  4. 1 teaspoon ground pepper
  5. 1 teaspoon onion powder
  6. 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  7. 2 Tablespoons cumin
  8. 1 cup goat cheese, shredded
  9. ½ avocado or ½ cup guacamole
  10. Salsa, optional


  1. Brown the ground beef in a cast iron skillet, using a spoon to break up the meat while cooking. When about halfway done (half pink/half brown), add all the seasonings. Cook, stirring occasionally until the meat is brown.
  2. On an oven safe platter, place the plantain chips, and top with cooked meat and shredded goat cheese. Place platter in the oven on low broil until cheese is melted. Serve hot with guacamole or salsa for dipping.

Dr. Monica Bravo

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  1. Kate (@shoegirlinDE) says

    This recipe is easy and fantastic! I can’t thank you enough for sharing. Even without corn chips and my favorite Mexican restaurants, I can still enjoy treats like nachos!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Thanks Kate! I’m so glad you enjoy it.


  2. Jennifer says

    Just made these tonight. Um, WOW. So! Good! I added some cashew sour cream and some cashew “queso” for added deliciousness. Will definitely make these nachos again and again. I’ve never had plantain chips before!


    • Monica Bravo says

      Yum! How do you make your cashew queso? I’ve never made it before.


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Paleo Nachos Recipe - Dr. Monica Bravo (2024)


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