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There are about a gazillion baby clothing brands out there, which can make shopping for your little one overwhelming. We get it. Motherhood is overwhelming enough, which is why we’re here with a list of the best baby clothes brands.

We’ve got brands for trendy mamas and mamas who want trendy on a budget. We’ve got the best outerwear, the best pajamas, and the best organic baby clothing options. You’ll recognize many of these names as tried-and-true baby clothing brands. Some are brands you may shop for your own wardrobe!

Let’s be honest. How amazing is it that you can shop for you and your baby at the same place? The convenience is real! Keep reading for our list of the best baby clothes brands on the market.

Table of Contents

  • A Note on Second-Hand Clothes
  • The Best Baby Clothes Brands
  • The Trendiest Baby Clothes Brands
  • The Best Value Baby Clothes
  • The Most High-Quality Baby Clothes
  • The Best Organic Baby Clothes
  • The Best PJs

A Note on Second-Hand Clothes

It’s no secret that babies grow crazy fast. Don’t even think about blinking. But what does that mean when it comes to baby clothes?

First of all, hand-me-downs are the greatest gift to any mother in any stage of motherhood. If a mom friend wants to pass on her well-loved clothes to your kiddos, just say yes. It’s the opposite of drugs, really.

There are certain baby items you should be wary about accepting or buying second-hand, but clothing isn’t one of them. Sure, they may not be 100% true-to-size because they’ve been washed and dried and loved. But accepting second-hand clothes is a way to ensure you don’t spend a gazillion dollars on the gazillion baby clothes brands throughout your child’s life.

The majority of my three boys’ wardrobes consist of hand-me-downs and consigned clothing. They don’t know the difference, and I’ve saved a ton of money!

"Hand-me-downs are the greatest gift to any mother in any stage of motherhood."

The Best Baby Clothes Brands

Maybe consigning isn’t for you, and that’s okay, too. But even consigner kids deserve new clothes once in a while. Where, then, does a mom go to get quality, functional baby clothes? Behold our list of the best baby clothes brands for trendsetters, budgeters, and every mom in between.

The Trendiest Baby Clothes – Hanna Andersson

The Best Value Baby Clothes – H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Carter’s

The Most High-Quality Baby Clothes – Janie and Jack

The Best Organic Baby Clothes –MakeMake Organics, Monica + Andy

The Best PJs –Burt’s Bees, Hanna Andersson

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The Trendiest Baby Clothes

Hanna Andersson

Designed for play and sustainably made, Hanna Andersson baby clothes are for the thriftyand trendy mamas. The clothing is sturdy, soft, functional, and affordable.

Hanna’s Super Soft Skater Dress & Leggings Set is just one example of the comfortable and stylish clothing the brand has to offer. This particular outfit is just shy of a 5-star rating, with customers raving about the quality, style, and softness.

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Part of Hanna Andersson’s sustainability effort encourages consigning. The brand has created a space on its website for you to resell your outgrown Hanna Andersson purchases.

“Our pieces are made to be loved again and again and again. When you’ve outgrown your piece or feel ready for something new, we make it easy to find your piece its next home.”

Since its creation in 1983, Hanna Andersson has created beautiful, comfortable baby and children’s clothes. Its mission has always been for customers to pass on their well-loved clothing to other children for a discounted price.

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The Best Value Baby Clothes


Here’s our first stop on the one-stop family shopping trip. At H&M, you can get trendy, well-priced clothes for everyone in the family. This 6-piece cotton set is a 5-star example of how much bang you get for your buck at H&M. Six pieces and nine outfit combinations for less than $6 per item!

The brand advertises its baby clothes as “super soft and extra cozy” with everything from separates to sleepers. Many reviews rave that the clothes are well-made, easy to put on baby, and wash well.

Keep in Mind

Some reviews note that H&M clothes run a little big and suggest purchasing one size down from your baby’s regular size.

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For classic designs that never go out of style, you can’t go wrong with Gap’s baby line. The band covers all your baby’s essentials with sizes 0-24 months. When available, I always opt for a multi-pack of outfits or onesies, like this set of 2 TinyRib bodysuits. Gap has a ton of multi-pack options for your little one, and they’re typically a better value than buying a single article of clothing.

babyGap Sizing Guide

0-3 months = 7-12 pounds

3-6 months = 12-17 pounds

6-12 months = 17-22 pounds

12-18 months = 22-27 pounds

18-24 months = 27-30 pounds

(P.S. Gap has lots of sales. Often.)

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Old Navy

Speaking of sales, Old Navy is this list’s reigning champion. Even without a sale, Old Navy is the most reasonably priced baby clothing brand on this list. At the time I wrote this article, this long-sleeve graphic bodysuit was on sale for $6 and originally $9.99. Old Navy constantly has deals like this.

The brand has a range of fun, affordable infant essentials in sizes 0-24 months. Many of their pieces are also gender-neutral, making it easy to hand down to whoever needs them next.

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You’ve probably seen Carter’s clothing in every major department store—and that’s not even an understatement. It’s the “largest branded marketer of baby and children’s clothing in the U.S.” with 600+ retail stores and representation in thousands more department stores.

With such widespread availability, Carter’s can offer competitive prices while maintaining quality standards. Like this cutie little 3-piece terry cardigan outfit. At the time this article was written, this outfit was on sale for $14, regularly priced at $20. And that’s for an in-season outfit.If you pop over to the clearance section, you’ll see clothing anywhere from 55% to 82% off!

Carter’s baby clothes are fun, stylish, and long-lasting. The brand’s baby line, which is one of the few to offer preemie clothing, has sizes all the way up to 24 months. After that, you can get clothes for your toddlers and big kids!

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The Most High-Quality Baby Clothes

Janie and Jack

This “small and mighty” company puts modern twists on classic styles for children and babies. They use signature, high-quality fabrics designed to hand down or pass on.

Janie and Jack clothing features thoughtful details like hand-painted florals, embroidered designs, and eyelet ruffles. Imagine your little one in this delicate corduroy jumper (which is machine-washable by the way!).

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Janie and Jack’s prices aren’t unreasonable, but you’re definitely paying for a high-quality product. The brand’s newborn essentials feature ultra-soft fabric for your baby’s sensitive skin without sacrificing style.

That being said, “newborn essentials” is a cleverly worded marketing tactic here. Janie and Jack pieces are not for the budgeting mamas. I’d purchase one,maybe two, outfits for extra special occasions. Because ultimately, your newborn will grow out of it so fast—if they don’t pee, poop, or puke on it first.

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The Best Organic Baby Clothes

MakeMake Organics

The parents and founders of MakeMake Organics believe wholeheartedly in keeping children safe and comfortable. They promise the use of pure, non-toxic materials and ensure the manufacturing process is sustainable and eco-friendly.

MakeMake Organics employs a modern, minimalist design, like this organic kimono outfit. Made to imitate the traditional Japanese kimono, this onesie wraps around your baby, snapping from the side and bottom. No need to pull anything over baby’s head.

One 5-star reviewer had this to say: “We LOVE MakeMake clothes. They are the softest of any organic cotton brands we can find. The quality and care that is clearly put into making these clothes shows. I do wish that there were more options for styles and adult options!”

Keep in Mind

MakeMake Organics classifies all of its clothing as “Intended for Daywear.” The law requires children’s sleepwear to be flame-resistant for federal safety regulations. MakeMake Organics only manufactures 100% organic cotton clothing. The brand doesn’t treat its products with toxic flame retardants which can be linked to developmental issues in children. Therefore, none of its clothing can be legally classified as sleepwear.

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Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy is a minority-owned company run by 95% women and 80% mothers. So, they get it. The brand uses the softest GOTS, (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Fabrics for its clothing. For example, these one-piece pajamas are manufactured with 100% organic cotton and are free of lead, phthalate, and flame retardants.

Monica + Andy’s clothing comes in a variety and prints and styles. Their sizes range from babies to big kids, and they even have a maternity line because we can’t forget about the moms!

The Best Baby Clothes Brands of 2023 | Truly Mama (11)

The Best PJs

Burt’s Bees

Another organic baby clothing option, Burt’s Bees has some of the best pajamas on the market. And unlike MakeMake Organics, Burt’s Bees can classify its clothing as sleepwear—even without using flame retardants.

The CPSC’s Children’s Sleepwear Regulations state that, starting at 12 months, sleepwear without flame retardants must have a snug fit. Because Burt’s Bees manufactures snug-fitting PJs starting at 12 months, it adheres to these regulations.

The brand does offer a looser-fitting sleepwear option, like these Zip Front Loose Fit Footed Sleep & Play PJs. Burt’s Bees’ loose-fitting sleepwear only goes up to 9 months, so they still adhere to the CSPC’s regulations.

The brand’s clothing is made with GOTS-certified, breathable cotton. This material is great for sensitive skin and prevents overheating.

The Best Baby Clothes Brands of 2023 | Truly Mama (12)

Hanna Andersson

Because it’s so popular, Hanna Andersson made the list twice. PJs are the lifeblood of babyhood, because, really, babies look cute in anything, so why not let them be comfy all day in their jammies?

This Zip-Footed Sleeper is made from super soft organic cotton and is available from newborn to size 3. For safety, this sleeper has non-skid dots on the bottom of the feet. The material is GOTS-certified by OTCO, and it follows the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

One 5-star reviewer had this to say: “We love our Hanna jams. They are some of our kiddo’s favorite to sleep in! They are easy to get in and out of for diaper changes at night. Our baby is pretty average and she’s been able to wear her Hannas from zero all the way through to three months easily. We always set the Hannas she’s outgrown aside for loved ones’ babies since they wash so well and are so soft.”

Written by: Brigid Levi

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The Best Baby Clothes Brands

The best baby clothes brands cater to a wide range of preferences, from trendy to budget-friendly options. Some of the top brands include:

  • Hanna Andersson: Known for sustainable and stylish baby clothes, Hanna Andersson offers sturdy, soft, and functional clothing for babies. The brand encourages consigning and aims for its pieces to be loved again and again [[1]].
  • H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Carter’s: These brands provide the best value baby clothes, offering well-priced, classic, and affordable infant essentials in various sizes [[2]].
  • Janie and Jack: This brand focuses on high-quality, modern twists on classic styles for children and babies, using signature, high-quality fabrics designed to be passed on [[3]].
  • MakeMake Organics, Monica + Andy: These brands specialize in the best organic baby clothes, using pure, non-toxic materials and sustainable manufacturing processes [[4]].
  • Burt’s Bees, Hanna Andersson: Known for the best pajamas, these brands offer organic and comfortable sleepwear options for babies [[5]].

A Note on Second-Hand Clothes

Accepting second-hand clothes can be a cost-effective way to ensure you don't spend excessively on baby clothes. Hand-me-downs and consigned clothing can significantly contribute to your child's wardrobe, saving a considerable amount of money [[6]].


The world of baby clothing brands offers a diverse range of options, from trendy and sustainable to budget-friendly and high-quality choices. Understanding the features and benefits of each brand can help parents make informed decisions when shopping for their little ones.

The Best Baby Clothes Brands of 2023 | Truly Mama (2024)


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